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Proposal: Publication Studio Boston

Sunday, October 23, 2011 | Posted by Alex

Nate Grossman, Leah Craig & Paul Butler — 2nd place $250

Describe Your Idea.
Publication Studio Boston is the most recent sibling studio in an international collective of independent presses. Equipped with a small arsenal of readily available tools (printers, perfect binder, guillotine cutter), we are able to publish books on demand, both quickly and affordably, eliminating the cost and waste associated with traditional methods of publishing. Our books are composed of content both collected from local artists and authors and appropriated from other sources. Upon completion, books are shared between all the sibling Publication Studios across the world and are made available for purchase and online browsing through our free reading commons.

How Will You Use Your Grant?
The printer we have been using at Publication Studio Boston has been replaced by a newer model and ink cartridges are no longer available, so the grant money would go towards purchasing a new printer, ideally one that prints in color, allowing us to print color books in-house. Any additional funds would be used towards a supply of ink.

What is the expected status of your project by the next Feast?
If Publication Studio Boston receives the grant, the printer will be purchased immediately, and production will begin. We currently have three titles ready for print with one more nearing completion and many more on the way. By the time of the next Feast we would ideally have a large range of titles for sale in Boston and elsewhere.


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