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Proposal: Bank of America Projection

Sunday, October 23, 2011 | Posted by Alex
John Hulsey & City Life / Vida Urbana — 1st place $600

Describe Your Idea.
In November, a group of Boston-area residents and homeowners facing foreclosure by Bank of America will project their stories onto the front facade of Bank of America in downtown Boston. The projection will happen at dusk, as people are leaving work. From the street, passersby will hear people’s voices echoing in the plaza while their words flash across the surface of the building. The voices will speak about the struggles faced by families in difficult economic times. They will speak about neighborhoods, and the meaning of home. They will speak directly to the banks that have foreclosed on their homes. Over the course of the evening, ten stories will be heard.

The event is being organized by members of City Life / Vida Urbana and the Bank Tenants Association, local grassroots community organizations that have been fighting to keep people in their homes. It is conceived as a form of direct action and will be part of a larger campaign to put pressure on the banks to stop post-foreclosure evictions by bringing increased public visibility to these ten cases.

How Will You Use Your Grant?
Due to the sensitive nature of this project, we are hoping to find extra funds to cover the costs of projection, insurance, and legal support.

What is the expected status of your project by the next Feast?
The event will happen in November, and will have documentation that can be shown at the next Feast.


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