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Proposal: Feast Mass for the Homeless

Sunday, October 23, 2011 | Posted by Alex

Ariana Almas

Describe Your Idea.
Five words: Feast Mass for the Homeless. That’s right. My idea is to take the basic structure and mission of Feast Mass and open it up to the homeless population of the greater Boston area. The purpose of the Feast would be to empower homeless individuals by providing a forum for their ideas to be heard, appreciated, supported, and most importantly, implemented. The structure would be very much the same: inviting homeless individuals to submit their ideas for an event or program that would raise awareness, funds, etc. for the homeless population. Over the course of the year, volunteers will meet with the homeless population at a soup kitchen, work with these individuals to develop their ideas, and encourage them to submit. Then for the actual feast, community members, advocacy and nonprofit organizations, and the homeless community will come together, enjoy a meal, and vote on the proposal they would like to see supported (all individuals who are not experiencing homelessness will donate at the door to support the grant). Over the next few months, volunteer will work together with the homeless community to ensure the idea is implemented. It is my hope that this event will engage the homeless population, build their confidence and self-esteem, and provide a sense of ownership for their advocacy efforts.

How Will You Use Your Grant?
I have spoken to Haley House, a nonprofit organization that believes in the power of food to bring communities together and to solve problems. They have a soup kitchen that hosts events for homeless or struggling individuals. If I win a grant, I will use it to partner with Haley House to pay the cost of their space, time, food, etc. The grant will also be used towards efforts to engage the greater Boston community to support this event—marketing materials, etc.

What is the expected status of your project by the next Feast?
In the next 10–12 weeks, I hope to establish partnerships with different organizations, create a strategic plan on how to engage the homeless population, complete outreach efforts to the homeless population, and secure any additional funding needed. By the time the next Feast Mass rolls around, I would hope for plans to be solidified and for Feast Mass for the Homeless to have taken place.


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