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Proposal: Vanitas Showroom

Saturday, May 21, 2011 | Posted by Alex
Amanda Antunes & Autumn Ahn

Describe your project.
This is an exploration of self-portraiture. Taking the moral undertones of vanitas paintings, we are working to choreograph a pilgrimage through the stages of emotional indulgences we encounter in human growth: despair, rebirth, lust, solitude and anxiety. We plan to build five stations to guide and illustrate the narrative through a visual sermon about material impermanence and of vanity’s closeness to rotting—to death. These illustrations reflect the ephemeral nature of our emotions. Through simple actions—dressing and undressing, the model will take herself through this cyclical progression of development, as it is for most growing individuals. Confusing, erratic, lush and temporary, this is a celebration of human error. The remaining installation can be shown as the exhibition.

There will be no dialogue, there will be sound. This performance will have live accompaniment. This will most likely be documented via photography & video. This project is a collaboration of multiple creative individuals who are participating for the sake of being involved in something inspiring. The 'labor of love' to provide the visual community with our questions on the adjusting human psyche is a constant underlying tone throughout this project. We believe that the process of reflection is crucial to the continuation of artistic exchange--and as all artists know, you can't really understand your idea until you've seen it coalesce in real life. Even then, it is in flux. Please help us celebrate this beautiful cyclical tradition!!

How will you use the grant to make your idea happen?
Materials// Latex/acrylic paint ($50); props ($50); textiles for dress fabrication ($50); pay for transportation ($50); pay for space if necessary (we are applying to various locations we have scouted as appropriate: Mills Gallery, Fourth Wall Gallery, and others); any rentals & purchases necessary for performance (chairs, postcards, refreshments) ($100); printing costs for documentation ($100). etc.

If you win, what is the expected status of your project by the time the next Feast Mass rolls around?
By the next Feast gathering the first installment of this project will be complete and documented.

June: The drafting of specific props (resin cast body corsets, plaster masks, preparing various other sculptural elements). We hope to have a confirmed space by the mid- June as well.

July: Dress fabrication will happen. Gathering of props, finishing specific space measurments & planning (site-specific drafts, rehearsals)

August: Final installation & performance will happen.

We'd like to repeat this project various times. We believe that this platform for visual narration can be infinitely evolving; with use of more materials or even paring down materials we'd like to experiment with how this can effect the outcome. These are finessed experiments with results that are tangible and ephemeral. Because of the nature of performance, we are excited to explore the project's development with each presentation.


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