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Proposal: Freedom Art Theatre Retreat

Saturday, May 21, 2011 | Posted by Alex
Ilana M. Brownstein — 2nd place $300

Describe your project or idea.
The Freedom Art Theatre Retreat for Boston Area Artists will pluck 9 emerging theatre makers (3 each of playwrights, designers, and dramaturgs) from the hot, humid urban jungle that is Boston in August, and transport them to a lush, green, woodsy cabin in the Maine woods for a week. While there, they will be encouraged to think outside the box; to innovate through unexpected collaborations; and to let their relocation into a natural space provide fertile ground for new artistic growth. The participants will be drawn from the ranks of Boston’s young, hungry fringe theatres, who are eager to produce new work by emerging playwrights, but who have few formalized infrastructures for supporting that work in development. The goal of the Retreat is to let loose the bonds of production budgets, and encourage these teams to create the boldest, bravest work possible.

How will you use the grant to make your idea happen?
Considering the number of artists this project will sponsor, and the amount of time we get to spend in the woods, the total budget for the Freedom Art Theatre Retreat is surprisingly low. For under $3000, I’ll be able to rent a vacation property for a week in August, rent a van to transport the artists, and pay for gas. Art + travel + housing = not too shabby. Also, a grant from Feast Mass would be a huge help in the growth of our grassroots funding campaign, providing seed money, and sparking confidence and excitement in a growing network of supporters.
Most importantly, if you choose to fund us, your few hundred dollars translates into specific and tangible support of 9 other artists, and all their collaborators at their home theatres.
If you win, what is the expected status of your project by the time the next Feast Mass rolls around?
10–12 weeks after the next meeting of Feast Mass coincides exactly with the timing of the Freedom Art Theatre Retreat, which is currently scheduled for the 2nd week of August.
By that time, I will have completed total fundraising efforts to meet my $3000 goal (or I will pay for it out of pocket), I will have solicited and vetted applicants to the Retreat, and will have met twice already with the participants as a group.
Then, we go make art in the woods!
Finally, in September, Playwrights’ Commons will throw a bash where Retreat participants will get to present their work to other local art makers and fringe theatre producers. Ideally, this will seed multiple new projects at theatres around Boston.


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