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Proposal: Depressing Dinner

Saturday, May 21, 2011 | Posted by Alex
Tony Pham

Describe your idea.
In the likely event of a global post-apocalyptic food crisis, I propose an educational leftovers potluck. To attend, guests must provide whatever free food they come across before the event. No limitations specified. Example ingredients may come from office kitchens, school lounges, or Costco sample Tables to name a few and may include abandoned bread, sugar packets, and cheese plates among other items. The host will prepare dinner on the spot with the only rule being that he use everything. The event will play upon participant creativity and the ever increasing potential for free food within an ever decreasing economy.

How will you use your grant?
I’ll need to buy proper cooking equipment, decorations, silverware, red table cloth, candles, and other utensils for guests. Beyond that I’ll require money to create a website and rent event space.

What is the expected status of your project by the time of the next Feast?
Depressing Dinner will happen before the next Feast Mass.


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