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Call for Proposals Closed

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | Posted by Alex
We know there are those of you out there who were hoping to submit a proposal for Feast Mass #9, but we're sorry to say we've reached our limit of proposals for this one.

To explain why we've set this limit, at the past few Feasts, we've pretty much accepted all the proposals that matched the criteria,* and that meant that last October's Feast included ten. First of all, the night of Feast goes by very fast, and we want to give every presenter their due time. Second, ten or more five-minute presentations makes for a truly difficult decision for Feast voters (as you well know if you've attended). Third, since Feast Mass only gives out one grant at the end of the night, more proposals means more proposals we can't fund (though regardless of number, we inevitably regret not being able to fund every one of them).

That's why we set a cap at seven proposals for this time, and we've received the first seven that fit the requirements of Feast.

If you have a great idea you were hoping to send our way, and your timeline isn't imminent, we'd love for you to submit for the next Feast. You can submit anytime, and we'll be in touch about your proposal, and let you know when the next one will be.

* Actually, at the last Feast, we received twelve proposals: one applicant (a previous Feast presenter) was gallant enough to give the opportunity to someone else; we asked another if she'd be willing to present at this Feast instead, and she said yes!


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