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Nomadic Picó Picante!

Friday, August 24, 2012 | Posted by Alex

Feast 6 presenters Sara Skolnick and Ernesto Morales AKA Pajaritos are hosting their traveling dance party Nomadic Picó Picante tomorrow! Starting at 2pm in Somerville, and ending in the evening in Jamaica Plain, the dance will travel on bicycles across town, and you can join up anywhere. Pajaritos are a couple of very talented DJs, and this party will be slammin. Featuring not only Pajaritos, but HEXbeam, Ultratumba, OXYcontinental, and at the afterparty, The Intercontinental and Maga Bo.

Co-Sponsored by the Boston Cyclists Union

Details & route at dancepajaritos.com & on facebook.

"Nomadic Picó Picante takes the party out of the club and into the streets. The project aims to encourage the intersection of cultures and to use music as a catalyst to explore the city's diversity."



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