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Proposal: Big Class Boston

Monday, April 2, 2012 | Posted by Alex
Alaina Gurdak — 1st place $1,055

Describe your project.
Big Class Boston connects public school students with creative adults to create collaborative books for the community. The structure of the project is simple: students write their own imaginative fiction, and area artists create illustrations for their stories. A compilation of their creative teamwork is published as a book and presented during a book release event. Each student and artist that participates receives a complimentary copy of their book, while additional copies are sold during the book release event and/or at local bookstores as a way of engaging the larger community.

How will you use the grant to make your idea happen?
The funds from this grant will be used to cover the cost of printing the books, and allow us to purchase promotional materials for the book release event. Any additional funds would be used to get us started on our next Big Class Boston book project.

Why and to whom is your project important?
Big Class Boston is focused on expanding the classroom through a simple but poignant call for collaboration. This creative process empowers writing and artistic collaboration between students from public school to art school, while also connecting with the community at large. With the help of some amazing students and talented volunteers, Big Class Boston hopes to show the public what can happen when people (regardless of age) work together.

If you win, what is the expected status of your project by the time the next Feast Mass rolls around in 3–4 months?
The next Big Class Boston book project will be completed at the end of May, to celebrate the nearness of summer for the participating public school students.


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