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Proposal: Girls Who Rock

Saturday, November 6, 2010 | Posted by Alex

Charlotte Huffman — 1st place $500

Describe your idea.
Girls Who ROCK! is a new after school club dedicated to empowering girls in grades 4 to 8 through DIY music and art. This club is being run at East Somerville Community School, an awesome bilingual public elementary school near Sullivan Square. It is being written and run by the schools art teacher and guidance counselor, with awesome rock n' roll and English teachers to join up this winter. Why does this club rock? Because in this club each girl will lead her very own band. The girls will learn communication and conflict resolution skills.They will learn about awesome girls who rocked before them and they will teach each other about music they like. They will make their own t-shirts, stickers and merch. They will write their own songs. They will play in each others bands. They will record their own music. They will make their own costumes. They will make album artwork and take psychedelic band pictures. They will have their own CDs. They will make show posters.  As a final culmination of the school year they will ROCK a show in the spring!

How will you use your grant?
Girls Who ROCK! will use the Feast grant to pay for our very first electric guitar! We really need one of those! The rest of the money will be used to buy the art supplies we need (like silk screens, t-shirts, dental floss, fabric and CDs) to make incredible rock art, costumes, and merchandise (like  band shirts, stickers, patches, posters and album covers.)

What is the expected status of your project by the next Feast?
By the winter Feast we will be learning guitar and bass and we will be working on singing really really loud! We will have chosen our band names and we will be working on finding the "sound" we want our bands to have, a little girl groups of the 60's over here, a little hip hop over there, a little punk rock all over the place. We will have designed and silk screened our first band shirts and made our first round of awesome stickers. Where will we be in February? We will be rocking out!


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