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Proposal: Second Hand Puppets

Saturday, July 24, 2010 | Posted by Alex
Danielle Hedquist

Describe your project.
We would like to put on a puppet show—targeted for all ages—somewhere that is easily accessible to the public, preferably an outdoor venue such as the Boston Common, or potentially an indoor venue depending on weather conditions (if the show should take place in the winter). The puppets will be made primarily from found objects or recyclable materials. The story will be a mythical/whimsical tale centered around a character named Tomato Beard, a forlorn farmer whose curse is to have his tomato crop grow only in his beard and not his soil. The project would be a way to gather people together and enjoy a delightful convergence of story telling and artistry.

How will Feast funding make your project happen?
Money from the Feast Mass grant would be used for materials (such as adhesives and tools), potential vendor’s fee and sound equipment (rentals or purchase). We are also considering the possibility of serving refreshments (something tomato based!) for which the money could also be used.

The project would take place in late fall/possibly early winter, depending on the time it takes to develop puppets and a “stage.” By the next Feast, we should have all or most of the puppet characters finished, as well as the stage and the set pieces. We could keep photo documentation of the puppet-making process to present at the next Feast, and be able to perform part of the final story.


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