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Proposal: Science Shaping Our World

Saturday, July 24, 2010 | Posted by Alex
Steven Munevar

Describe your project.
I am a research scientist and an entrepreneur and would like to propose a web design project for our grassroots life science outreach and education initiative called Science Shaping Our World (SHOW).

SHOW is a free-to-attend grassroots seminar/networking series started by my start-up company that highlights areas of life science research and technology possessing significant transformative potential such as stem cells, RNAi, gene therapy, among others. the mission of SHOW is to bring together all members of the community, from researchers to entrepreneurs, investors, technology and business professionals to students and laypeople in a setting where they can gain exposure and insight into the life science advancements changing our world.

Specifically, we would like to design and implement a web site where we could coordinate, highlight, archive, and promote SHOW so as to reach out to as great a number of people as possible and have the best possible impact on the community. Science and technology can have a transformative effect on the world around us; thus it is important that we all play a role in the direction and shape that these amazing technologies will take.

SHOW events take place at the Microsoft new england research and Development Center. through the advent of a SHOW web site we will be able to share this ongoing event series with an even larger and more diverse audience through ongoing discussions, multimedia, and future archived SHOW events and web-casts. the SHOW website development project will be a stand-alone piece, But its support of the ongoing SHOW series itself will be continuous. July’s SHOW tackles the question of drug resistance and highlights strategies that may serve to help us engineer better therapeutics in the future. the event is set for Thursday July 29, 2010 and additional information and registration can be found at: www.showjuly2010.eventbrite.com

How will Feast funding make your project happen?
  1. Designing the SHOW logo
  2. Outlining the SHOW web pages and flow
  3. Developing the content for the SHOW pages
  4. Retaining a web developer to create a WordPress-driven dynamic web portal for SHOW


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