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Fresh Food Generation Needs Your Support

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | Posted by Alex
Fresh Food Generation won a Feast grant in fall 2012, pitching inside the Food Project greenhouse, to a lovely audience of farmers, eaters, youth, adults, Upham's Corner neighbors and Feast-goers from all over the city. If you were there at the Public Kitchen edition of Feast, you remember what a solid selection of projects were in the mix that night. They all deserved to win, but Cassandria & Jackson were the ones who the audience chose to take home $1500 to start their healthy, farm-to-plate food truck. With the microgrant, they set up their website freshfoodgeneration.org, and made a Kickstarter video to take Fresh Food Generation to the next chapter: buying a truck.

This is where they need your support again. Check out the information on Kickstarter, and consider helping them make this important project happen. In their own words:

We want to improve access to healthy, affordable, cooked foods in low-income neighborhoods. This year we are launching a food truck that will serve on-the-go meals made with ingredients sourced from local farms. The truck will target neighborhoods in the Greater Boston Area with limited access to high quality foods and with high rates of diabetes and obesity.

We are committed to hiring young adults in the communities we serve to help operate the truck and lead food education marketing campaigns.

Accessing healthy, affordable foods in low-income neighborhoods can be difficult. Years of economic disinvestment, followed by the unwillingness of supermarkets to locate in these areas, have made the availability of quality foods limited. Corner stores, fast food chains and pizza joints have become the most widely available food options. It’s therefore no surprise that obesity and diabetes disproportionately affect residents of low-income urban neighborhoods.

Our menu is inspired by Boston's ethnically and racially diverse neighborhoods. We offer a global menu made with ingredients sourced from local farms and businesses. Our food can be found on the streets of cities around the world. They include Mediterranean Kofta, Jamaican Jerk Barbecue Pork, Dal Curry Vegetables, Mexican Black Bean Salad, and Kale Caesar Salad. We will make all of our garnishes, sauces and dressings in house, using the freshest ingredients. We will also offer seasonal chopped salads made daily with fresh vegetables. We strive to source our meats locally when practical and feasible.

The other night, we got a preview of their menu, designed by the talented Nadine Nelson. Trust us, you're going to want this food, especially the kale caesar salad.



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