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Saturday, May 4, 2013 | Posted by Alex

Kelly Burgess

Describe your project.
A Farm Year is a photographic documentary project about Busa Farm in Lexington, MA. Busa Farm has been owned and run by the Busa family since 1919. This current generation’s farmer, Dennis, is going to be the last Busa to be able to own and work the land. I am working on documenting the family’s last year as farmers from January to December.

How will you use the grant?
The photographs themselves are already being shot and will continue for the duration of the farming year. Once that has concluded, I am looking to put together an exhibition as well as a book of photographs and writings. The writings will be my own observations from shooting the land as well as writing from the family members and community about what having the farm has added to the life of Lexington and surrounding towns. The grant will be used to produce the exhibition: framing, space, publicity and reception; as well as the book: publication, printing and marketing.

Why and to whom is your project important?
On a smaller scale, the project is important to the Lexington community. It will bring awareness to local eating, sustainable living, and how those can be done in the Northeast. By producing an exhibition and book, I hope to bring community awareness to what the land can offer. On a larger scale, it will show the importance of farmers such as the Busa family. The project will bring attention to the effects of the current food market and how it is quickly eliminating locally grown food from the marketplace and putting family farms out of business.


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