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Happy Restaurant Day!

Sunday, February 17, 2013 | Posted by Alex

Restaurant Day just ended! Sorry for not giving y'all a heads up in advance, but we just ate at Mexico City's only participating location (so far), Restaurante Suomi. Since some of our team is down here for the month, we got to visit and interview Suomi's creators. We're working on a video with more information that we'll post soon, but here's a small preview of the outdoor eatery and its wonderful hosts.

An event that started in Helsinki, every Restaurant Day, people are invited to create one-day restaurants in their homes and in public spaces like city parks. Beginning with about 30 participants in Finland three years ago, Restaurant Day has grown to include at least 15 countries. Today 608 restaurants happened worldwide.

If you're in Massachusetts, you didn't miss much, but Restaurant Day happens every three months, and we as the Feast Mass team hope to start Boston's first location. Get at us if you want to help or chat about starting your own: feastmass@gmail.com.

Check back for more soon!


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