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Call for Illustrators!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 | Posted by Nerissa Cooney

Alaina Gurdak's project Big Class Boston won our grant at the Feast in March. She is now looking for a few amazing illustrators to volunteer for the next Big Class Boston projects.

What it is: Big Class Boston is a developing organization focused on connecting public school students with creative adults to make collaborative book publications.

How it works: A group of students write their own imaginative short stories, artists volunteer to create an illustration for those stories, their creative work is published as a book, and we host a book release party for the students, artists, and community to enjoy! Each student and artist that participates receives a copy of the book, and the rest are sold not-for-profit to anyone interested in reading/seeing the awesomeness created. (The first publication "Where All The Problems Start" came out in March and was a great success!)

Where you come in: We need some amazing illustrative efforts for two upcoming Big Class Boston publications. There are only a few spots to fill for the two projects, so reply quickly if you're interested!

Please write to bigclassboston[at]gmail.com with the following information:
- Your name
- Why you want to be a part of a Big Class Boston book project.
- An image of the type of work you'd like to contribute.
- Let me know if you are available/interested to visit a Big Class Boston classroom and/or the book
  release party - as connecting with the students face-to-face is super important to the process!


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