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We ate, we voted, we feasted

Monday, October 24, 2011 | Posted by Nerissa Cooney

Last night was a great success! We had two winners, six fantastic proposals, awesome locally grown hand–made food, and some hilarious video of everyone hamming it up.

Thanks to everyone who came we were able to give $600 to John Hulsey & City Life / Vida Urbana's Bank of America Projection. John will let us know when the projections are going to be shown and we'll make sure to let you all know. Make sure to check them out and show support for his fantastic idea. We also gave $250 to Nate Grossman, Leah Craig and Paul Butler's Publication Studio Boston. Stayed tuned so that once they start turning out books you can get your hands on one. Check our Past Proposals page for all of the full proposals.

We couldn't make the night possible and sustainable without the generous donations of: Red Fire Farm, Drumlin Farm, Powisset Farm, Farmers To You, Iggy's Bread, Taza Chocolate, J.P. Licks, Narragansett Beer and Cape Ann Brewery. The produce from the farms is picked for Feast the day before and our team of volunteer cooks plan, wash, prep and make the feast of Feast.

Keep a lookout for updates on projects and ways to get involved.


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