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Proposal: Don't Get Too Comfortable

Sunday, October 23, 2011 | Posted by Alex

Ian Deleon

Describe Your Idea.
Don’t Get Too Comfortable is a one-night event with a large pillow sculpture and a food-serving performance. We have two goals for this project: 1) to foster discussion regarding being comfortable and taking action in the context of the global revolutionary climate, and 2) introducing the alternate economic model of time banking. A critique of corporate-driven Capitalism and a call for true democracy in America, ties these two pieces together.

The sculptural element is a large, interactive floor installation made with all re-purposed, soft materials. Visitors to the space will be invited to lay on top of a pile of these hand-made pillows and listen to an audio score emanating from below, which features the voices of Occupy Boston participants. The performative element of our piece involves taking part in an actual time banking system. Kara Stokowski and Ian Deleon, along with several guest artists, will be providing a unique, three-course meal to visitors, in exchange for their time. Guests are encouraged to contribute their time by either sowing and stuffing more pillows to add to the installation, or by helping us serve food or wash dishes—but participation is not required.

At the heart of this piece is a desire to create community, empower people, and continue breaking the boundaries of art’s visibility and its potential for change. This installation will be shown at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design on October 27 in conjunction with the closing reception for the Futurefarmers’ show in the Godine Gallery.

How will you use your grant?
Grant money will go directly to:

  1. Purchasing food for the opening—the three course meal will consist of a walnut, cranberry, goat cheese salad; curry cauliflower, peas, potatoes & jasmine rice; and pumpkin pie & apple cider
  2. Procurement of the found materials—this includes time taken off from our jobs to look for materials as well as Zipcar rental, and the cost of thread
  3. Promotional materials for the event—posters, fliers and signage for the installation

What is the expected status of your project by the next Feast?
By the time of the next Feast, our event will have taken place, but we hope the themes of our installation live on in other forms. One concrete example is that after the event we will donate most of our pillows to Occupy Boston, specifically the Spirituality Tent and the library, in order to enhance the comforting energy, which is so vital to the dissemination of ideas and the creation of an inclusive, democratic community. We hope that the library at MassArt also chooses to accept several of our pillows. This project could and should be recreated—in other schools, other cities, other countries. It is an idea that is not only ours; it belongs to anyone.


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