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Proposal: The Art of Traveling: Urban Sojourns

Saturday, July 24, 2010 | Posted by Alex
Christian Greer — 1st place $400

Describe your project.
We are the students (and teacher) of a class entitled, the Art of Traveling: Urban Sojourns, currently in session at a Boston-based "free skool” called Corvid College. If selected, we will use the Feast funds to create and publish an anthology of our class’s adventures, reflections, maps, and the secrets we found while traveling, both in the Boston area and in the texts we read.

Founded on its opposition to outrageous tuition fees, endless bureaucracy, and everything that made college a hassle castle instead of a place to better one’s life in the here and now, Corvid College is an experiment in radical education. Our college has no admissions office (everyone is welcome!), and is based on providing an education that is organized around competencies, projects, independent studies, and, primarily, curiosity. so, instead of grades, ruthless competition, and oppressive hierarchies, Corvid offers convivial learning based on curiosity and mutual interest. Being unrestrained by institutional interests, the teaching collective has taken it upon themselves to teach the things they like, which subsequently, tend to be more radical/ interesting/enjoyable.

How will Feast funding make your idea happen?
As of now we have focused on locating and mapping as much off-the-radar or “grey zone” geography we can find—this includes abandoned factories, places to swim at night, and the like. We want to make the anthology zine as a comprehensive DiY artifact that we, as well as the other people in the college and community, can use for reference and enjoyment. the money will be used to purchase the materials (high quality paper, printer ink, binding glue) to make the zines.

The 10-week class finishes in late august, so we plan on having our zine out by then!


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