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Proposal: Rough Trade II: An Artist Exchange Between Boston & Chicago

Monday, July 30, 2012 | Posted by Alex
Sandrine Schaefer & the Present Tense & Joseph Ravens

Describe your idea.
In 2007, The Present Tense joined forces with artist Joseph Ravens to organize an exchange between performance artists working in Boston and Chicago. This was such an amazing experience that we decided to organize another exchange that will happen in September. September 7–9, 6 artists from Boston will travel to Chicago to make live artworks in a public event at Defibrillator Art Gallery. September 21–22, 6 artists from Chicago will share their work at a public event at Studio Soto in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. In addition to organizing these live art events, The Present Tense will also produce a series of video interviews with each of the 12 participating artists that will be featured on their web archive, ThePresentTense.org.

How will you use your grant?
If awarded a grant, the funds would go towards alleviating the following costs:
  • Travel costs for the artists
  • Artist materials
  • Artist fees
  • Promotion materials for the events (postcards)
  • Accommodations for the artists (a little money for food, and TP for the hosts)

Why and to whom is your project important?
Internationally, Boston has been named the “Performance Art Mecca” of the United States. For the past 40 years, Boston has been nurturing time-based experiential art practices through the presence of artist groups and initiatives. The Performance Art department at the SMFA was the first of its kind in the country, and performance art continues to be taught in institutions throughout the state. Chicago has had a similar history in offering support to this often-misunderstood medium through its art communities and universities. This exchange is an opportunity for artists and art organizers from both cities to connect, share their work processes, and talk about the future of this medium. This exchange is important to the art communities in both of these cities, but will also be shared with international art communities through its coverage on The Present Tense. Exchanges between creative thinkers are essential in growing new ideas and opportunities for the arts.

What is the expected status of your project by the time of the next Feast?
In 3-4 months, the exchange will have occurred and The Present Tense will be finishing up the interview series with all of the participating artists.


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