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Proposal: Contain This: How Your Urban Garden Grows

Saturday, May 21, 2011 | Posted by Alex
Erika Hess — 1st place $600

Describe Your Idea.
At a time where prices are high and incomes are low, most of us have become champion comparison shoppers. We navigate not only the streets of the city but the aisles of the grocery store. Unfortunately for many, the first thing to go is high quality produce. Last year I began my adventure into urban gardening. From window containers, a 3 foot plot of land, to kid's swimming pool: growing your own produce is simple and cheap when you know how to do it. I want to help others save money while not having to sacrifice eating high quality food. Good food shouldn't just be for those who can afford it.

Along with teaching others how to grow their own produce, I want to teach how to compost on a small scale (trust me, it's way cleaner and easier than you think) and how to use recycled containers such as water bottles, coffee cans and jars to keep costs low. Education is not only power but saved cash and nutritious!

For one month, (or longer if money allows) I will bike around to different areas with my goods in tow and set up a table to teach/demonstrate what I have described above. I will demonstrate how to make containers out of recycled bottles, how to grow lettuce and herbs in these containers, composting and giving out mini how-to booklets illustrated by yours truly. Those that want to get dirty can plant with me and leave with their own seedling! How cool, right? Your own little plant, THAT YOU CAN EAT!

How Will You Use Your Grant?
The money supplied will be used to buy soil, seeds, seedlings (I will be able to supply some of my own) and print mini how-to booklets. The rest will be used to buy extra tools for participants: gloves, hand spades, scissors. I have the bike, bike trailer and table. I plan on doing this every Saturday for one month.

If you win, what is the expected status of your project by the time the next Feast Mass rolls around?
I will have gone out and given demonstrations in Boston and Brooklyn and will have documented the interactions in photos and video. I will also have set up a blog where I will encourage people I interact with to post pictures of their own urban gardens, DIY ideas, and contact me with questions.


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